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Who is Amy

Who is Amy Onyx? 

I gave myself that name about 5 years ago because I wanted an alias on social media so I could have a little more privacy. I had my own wedding videography business for 10 years and I did a little modeling as a hobby and thought my clients would judge my professionalism if they saw my photos. I came up with the name Amy Onyx by using my first name (Amy) and the word onyx which I first heard in the name of a tour by Britney Spears (huge fan of hers).

How I got started in fashion: 

I've been a fan of fashion ever since I was about 13 years old and received a gazillion used Seventeen magazines from a neighbor. The first brand I fell in love with was Guess. I'm still a "Guess junkie" to this day. Fast forward to my high school days where I loved to stand out and be unique. I was known for my super ripped jeans, my one-legged pants, my cut up and safety pinned crop tops, and just anything else you wouldn't see anyone else in town wearing.

Ok, so fast forward again to 18 years later (man, that makes me feel old, lol) right after I had my second child. I found myself not fitting into any of my maternity clothes anymore or my pre-pregnancy stuff either. So I started searching on eBay for used clothes in bigger sizes. Everything was just so boring. I then began seeing if there was any used Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc. for a price I could afford. There really wasn't. Then I thought "I wish I could make my own clothes. I would make some badass clothes." Literally 2 minutes later I searched "how to start your own clothing line" on Google and found Factory45 (a sustainable fashion accelerator program). I joined for $3,000. I learned just about everything about the clothing industry and started forming my own brand. I decided pretty quickly that I was going to call it AMY ONYX and bought the domain asap. I was calling it the world's first edgy fashion brand for women that was sustainable, ethical, and vegan (or something like that). Well, long story short, I made 8 tops and went broke after spending thousands of dollars trying to get it going. I gave up after about 2 years. Then it hit me. I can still be in the fashion industry selling really cool clothes and make money doing it (while also keeping it all as ethical as possible). So I did massive research, figured everything out, made a brilliant business plan, and reinvented AMY ONYX. I am now an online clothing boutique that I am so proud of and starting it was the best decision I ever made.


Amy lives just outside of Chicago, Illinois with her husband of 15 years (Dan) and two children (5 year old Hailey and 2 year old Colston).
Her top favorite clothing brands include Balmain, Moschino, Off-White, Armani, DSquared2, and of course Guess.